torsdag 19 maj 2011

My first Kuretakeproject

I have recived my first DT-pack from Kuretake and I was very surprised. Lots of wonderful pens & papers. I also get two useful books, One with a calligraphyclass and one sketchbook.

My first project was very lovley. I made one layout and one card with a paper I created with my new pens. I draw lots of swirls and flowers and dashs, and then colored all the small boxes so I get an explosions in colors...

My pattern paper:

My layout- "Work of art":

My card-"congratulations":

Kuretakte-Product I used:
Zig art & Graphics Twin 59, 20, 2,53, 550, 24, 313, 110
Zig Kurecolor 838
Zig Calligraphy 040

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow!!! LOVE it Camilla :) :) :) xox

  2. How beautiful Camilla. Welcome to the team.

  3. wow, vad häftigt - och saa är du svensk ocksaa!


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