fredag 29 juli 2011

Best friends by Sarah hurley

We are still at Gotland. I love it here, even if it's raining, more or less, Every day.
I have Been crafting With My Sarah hurley products. I love them!

If you like mist i can recomend Sarah hurley's mist. It is clear & strong!
At this layout i used papers from whimseyLand.

Please visit - to get your products!

This layout is with my boyz and theire Grandfather- best Friends Ever!

måndag 25 juli 2011

En regnig dag på Gotland

Morgonen Dag 1 på Gotland, fårö började med regn och grå himmel. Men vad gör väl det när man har en hel drös med pyssel med sig.
Hugo målade stenar och jag gjorde min första layout, dom fick namnet "min juvel".

Papper från pinkpaislee och My little shoebox.

tisdag 19 juli 2011

Kuretake ZIG® have a new blog and a BIG prize!!!

Welcome to visit the brand new blog from Kuretake ZIG! With so many pens and so many of you creating such amazingly different things, we needed a place were, we can connect and share these. If you visit us NOW, you can win a massive prize:

Visit our new blog today!


A simple layout I made when I had 30 minutes left. My youngest son is watching World cup in Ishockey...very relaxed.

Carpe Diem

Well, this was a new thing for me...SheArt. Ulrika / Lillblomman inspired me when I made this. My first one, but not the least. Visit Ulrikas blog her art it lovley. I think this one is to dark but it was fun to do.

My songbird

I love this page! My designerfriend Jolanda Simons inspired me when I made this. The flags and the dots are homemade. Please visit Jolandas blog.

10 things I love about you

2 month later I´ve recived my computer..Yahy! At last I can upload my layouts again. This is to my oldest son and It´s very simple. But I like it.

söndag 3 juli 2011

You Are My everything

Datorn är fortfarande på lagning. Så jag kan inte ladda upp ordentliga bilder. Måste dock visa den här lilla skapelsen jag fixat med i helgen. Det blir inga långa kreativa stunder eftersom min 1-åring ska sitta i mitt knä hela tiden.
Jag blev nöjd med den här sidan. Papper är från prima och jilli bean soup.

Our computer is still on repair so the the pictures aren't the best. I made this layout in the weekend and the titel is " you Are My everything". Papers Are from prima & jilli bean soup.

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