torsdag 9 juni 2011

drawing by Kuretake

I made a little drawing for Albin, 4 month. He is one of my oldest friend´s son. A real cutie, of course!

I used Kuretake ZIG writer to the sketch. The boy is a magnoliastamp. The ladybug and the clouds are clearstamps from Sarah Hurley. Åsa/ Badanka has inspired me when I made this project. She is a fab illustrator. I am learning. Learning by doing.....

I used Art & Graphics pen and Kurcolor to color the drawing. With the Art & Graphic pens I painted on plastic, dripped water in the color and pick it up with a pencil.

ZIG Kurecolor is a system designed for use by graphic designers and professional artists. With it's vast choice of 106 colours you can create endless styles of artwork. They are divided into 9 colour groups (12 colours per group). They are Basic, Brilliant, Natural, Dull, Pale, Deep, Grey Colours, Cool Greys, Warm Grays. Each marker is colour coded on the barrel and on the cap, making the colour you want easy to find without wasting time!

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